Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good family fun

In high school I didn't really think of my family (siblings, parents, etc) as my friends. I always rolled my eyes when people said their moms and sisters were their best friends and thought they were lying. Then they grew up and cool enough for me to hang out with (because you KNOW I wasn't the uncool one. At 14 years old, I knew they just weren't fun enough for my tastes) and now I LOOOVE my family. I just can't tell you how nice it is to have cool family members.

After my fantastic dinner with Sarah, on Friday morning I woke up craving family and games. Katy and Randy are some of our favorite people to play games with. Randy somehow brings the level of fun in a game up by about 1,000%. When we play thinking games (settlers, attika, that one train game that I can't remember than name of) he somehow makes it competitive in a good way. All the while coaching (when necessary and appropriate) and complimenting "excellent moves". It's always a good time.

So Friday morning I called Randy and asked if they wanted to come play games. To my pleasant surprise they did! Yay for us! They came up at about 6:00, we made pizza which was FANTASTIC (ever had artichokes on pizza? you should.) and broke out the games. We played a few rounds Attika and then of course had to play Spades. Sometime in the middle of Attika we starting talking about how it was going to be a horrible drive for them and they should just sleep at our house. After all, we have a giant love sac they can use for a bed. At about midnight when we STARTED playing Spades, we knew they were really going to. Ryann was already asleep in the other room, so they could just crash here and leave after breakfast in the morning. Well, we played games until about 1:30, then they watched a movie (they're crazy) afterward. We totally had a sleepover!

I remember thinking that when I was a grown up it would be so cool because I could have sleepovers with anyone I wanted, anytime I wanted. And I wouldn't even have to ask. How cool does that make me? Then I wound up living with everyone I liked, and so sleepovers really never came into play. Once in a while we'd have people stay at our house, but it's been a LOONG time since I've had a sleepover. I love it!

This morning we had waffles (thank you Mulan "in the morning, I'm makin' waffles!") and hard boiled eggs (thank you Gramma Burraston and Easter). They had to pack up and leave early enough for Randy to do a scouting food thing. Josh had to go to school, and now I already didn't sleep in today, so I may as well stay up and clean my house. I'm excited for a fun day after a super-fun night!

The best part is that tonight we're doing games with Jamie and Cameron and Sunday we're going to Josh's family's to play games again. That's the stuff weekends are made of.


  1. Yay! Sounds like so much fun. Family + Games + Food = Fantastic, no lie about it.
    P.S. So here's my strange connection to your brother-in-law Randy. He actually grew up right next door to my Grandma Monson & we used to live like 4 doors up from was I was little. Pretty crazy, huh?

  2. That is totally random! I love it. He's seriously one of the coolest guys I know, and I remember thinking that back in high school too, which clearly means it's true because pretty much everything I thought then has proved to be accurate. Ha!


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