Saturday, March 15, 2008

Don't forget the lyrics

Sometimes people put discs that are not the DVD they rented from Redbox back into the machine in an attempt to not get charged. It doesn't work, but they do it anyway. For us, it means that we get to listen to some random CD's that we would never otherwise listen to.

A while ago Josh got a country Karaoke CD. I turned it on last night while we were working and was AMAZED at how few lyrics I know. Actually how few songs I know. The song would start, I’d immediately recognize that I knew and had heard the song – but I couldn’t place it. Until the chorus started and the harmony came in with the words. Even when I could place the song, I couldn’t remember any of the words – and even if I did know the words, I couldn’t place how long the intro was. So, Josh and I drove around “singing” the wrong words, to the wrong tune, to the songs on the CD. If you happened to be subjected to the horrible sounds coming from our car – we apologize for putting you through that, but it’s seriously harder than you’d think! Those American Idol contestants have a hard job and I have a new appreciation for what they do.

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