Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm back!

I am officially finished with the Twilight series (or at least finished to the extent that everybody else on the planet is finished - waiting in suspense for the next one), which means I will no longer neglect my responsibilities. Instead of staying up reading until my eyes are red and the lids too heavy to stay open, I will go to bed at a reasonable hour, read the scriptures while I dry my hair and spend much less time on the love-sac and trying to invent new ways to read while I cook without ruining a book.

It's amazing to me how much those books took over my life. They were good, fantastic even - but to take over real life? Why I care more about vampires, werewolves and people that don’t exist living in a place I've never heard of is beyond me - but nevertheless it is me. It's not just these books either. I'm a fairly quick reader, so usually these phases only last a few days (at most) but to be sucked into a series of novels is my own kryptonite. I zone out. Completely. Until I'm finished. Until I know the only thing stopping me from reading is that there is nothing to read.

Josh does it with movies – when he was sick he watched all of the Matrix movies (edited) and wouldn’t/couldn’t focus on anything else until he knew how they ended.

I do it with books. I even do it with books I don’t think are that great. I have this compelling need to finish them. I remember doing it when I was younger too. I specifically remember reading something about a frog (or cricket maybe…) in times square and it was past bedtime. I shared a bed and room with my sister, so I took the side by the door, which I would leave cracked just enough to light the words on the page. I’d lean over the edge of the bed, put the book on the floor, with one arm dangled over the edge to hold my spot and read in the dark. I’d listen carefully for when someone was coming down the stairs, hoping not to get caught.

Well fortunately I have nothing to worry about now, I can go back to life, stop neglecting my husband, and my house. Maybe I’ll even get back into a routine of cooking and cleaning – that would be a beautiful thing.

Now as soon as American Idol (another, more embarrassing addiction) is down to 1 hour and 2 nights a week instead of this ridiculous 2 hours 3 nights a week thing, imagine how productive I can be!

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  1. Amy- I am fairly convinced that we are exactly alike in every way, except you are funnier and much nicer. It's true you know... :)


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