Thursday, May 10, 2007

Facebook friends

Wow, Jamie signed me up for facebook. For those of you that don't know, it's like a safer version of My Space, a website for you to talk to people you know and get in touch with them. Here's the thing, it's OVERWHELMING. You put in your highschool and then choose all these people as your "friends" and then you get to see all their stuff (pictures, notes, wall notes, etc.) which is really cool. Easy way to keep up with a lot of people at once. So, Jamie signed me up and it's totally overwhleming because you get tons of messages from people and it's all fun and stuff, but man, it's stressful! So, anyway, I accidentally tagged someone as a "friend" and I had no clue who she was, but she had the same first name as someone I thought I knew and she had mutual friends and so I thought her new last name was just her new married name, which I didn't know. So, I tagged her as a friend and it turns out that I totally don't know her, but she does know a relative of mine and she writes HILLARIOUS stories about pancakes and it made me laugh my face off. So, anyway, now I think I'll be friends with her. Good times making random friends on facebook.

Jamie and Cam came over for another bbq last night and I even made picnic salad! It was amazing! I love summer time, we played badminton, nintendo, ate food, hung out etc etc etc. Yay for that! Anyway, I love summer time, and I think I get to go camping this weekend which makes it even better. Dutch oven cookers, watch out!


  1. PICNIC SALAD! You forgot to send me home with some! Now I am sad and totally craving it but I can't have any because I didn't take any home...sad...I think you should bring the rest camping this weekend and we'll eat it because it is good :)

  2. Whatever, you forgot to take it! :) I promise we have PLENTY to take with us to camping, that will be yummy. I'm excited. If you REALLY start to crave it, you can go break into my house and get some. Josh and I won't be home at all today, so feel free to go over, play badminton, super smash brothers, and eat picnic salad. :) That's what it's for! LOL


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