Friday, May 4, 2007


OK I'm pretty sure ya'all know about my strong desire for a Bosch, so here's my bosch story for the week. Last week mom got a flyer in the mail about the Bosch sale and they were only $299 instead of $350 because of a mother's day special. So, I counted up my pennies and had only $200, my husband who is kind and generous and loving said he'd donate $100 if I wanted to get it now. So I turned in my pennies to the bank and magically they all turned into $205 ($5 free no charge!) However, I hadn't heard from my mom again since then, so I thought I'd call her to see if she had seen it. She didn't call back for a day and a half (she's at Women's conference) so I started to worry. Then, just when I was thinking about her this morning, she called and told me she hadn't had a chance to go, but that I could call them. It's a little funny to me that it never occured to me to call them, so I did. When I called the nice lady knew exactly what I was talking about and said they only had 3 left, I asked if she expected them to go quickly and she said yes, she's had 3 people call on them already today. I told her I couldn't get down there till tomorrow and she said I could buy it over the phone and then pick it up tomorrow. (The excitement and tension rises). I quickly hang up and call Josh. He said he'd pick up some money from a job he did today and we could buy it just because he loves me. (Please keep in mind how stressed he is about money because we just fixed the truck and signed up for an expensive school.) So today is an exciting and monumental day for my life. I will now own a Bosch, and I already have big plans for it. :) Yay for me!!!

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  1. So by now you should have your Bosch, we expect a fresh loaf of bread today :)


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