Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"I'm a mormon....yes I am...."

You can tell I'm mormon because last night I got home from work and made strawberry jam. Yes, that's right, my husband and I made strawberry jam ALL by ourselves! Without even having our mom's help us. We rock. I had already told my husband that I wanted to, and when I got home he was washing and cutting up all the strawberries, I'm still so whooped over him and I am amazed at how much he does for me. I really don't know what I'd do without him. ANYWAY, he's cutting up strawberries so I start measuring and mashing. If you've never mashed up strawberries with a plastic potato masher, you should do it just because you'll appreciate all the people who do it on a regular basis. Whew, hard work! So, we mashed up a bunch and made 2 batches of homemade freezer jam! Yay! PLUS since I have a bosch, I could make fresh bread to put under it! That is truly exciting to me.

Last night we also watched The Mummy, wow, that was an experience. I have to admit I kindof enjoyed it, even if it was incredibly cheesy. :) Yep, me and my husband watch dumb cheesy movies together. That's because we're cool.

Today is going to be the shish kabob debut, at least I think/hope so. Yay for shish kabobs! Turns out they probably aren't that bad for you, which is encouraging to me, and I can probably eat most of the ingredients on them. That's pretty exciting. So yay for barbeque tonight!


  1. i was reading your post about how you didnt know what to put on the shish kabobs (yah i dont spell either) lol.. you can put onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, um... im trying to think of anything else besides pinnapple and chicken. but those are good for you too. mushrooms are good for if you like them, i hate them lol.. also you can put hot peppers if you like those too. also google it.. you can get a MILLION recipes!

  2. here are some links i found that looks like its on your diet,1626,145162-253203,00.html

    ill keep looking later

  3. cherry or grape tomatoes, you have to have those too!


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