Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good weekend

So this weekend was...well pretty dang good. Earlier in the week Jamie & Cameron had asked us if we wanted to go hiking in Marysville (middle of nowhere) Utah, and we politely declined because we wanted to go camping again before Josh starts massage school (Monday). So, all week we had kinda planned on going camping on Friday night. On Friday at work I was talking to Katy (my older sister) who was bored at the time, so I told her she should come with us. She kinda said she might want to, but she wasn't sure cuz her husband had to work Saturday morning, etc. etc. etc. Anyway, we decided we'd go camping in AF canyon in case they wanted to come with us. So, I had a CRAZY day at work and didn't leave until a little after 4:00, when I had intended to leave at 3:30. So, it was busy and crazy at work, but I finally made it home and Josh was only a little mad at me for being so late. On our way we went to Big 5 to get paintballs for his blow gun, and they didn't have any. I now officially am NOT in love with Big 5. Instead we stopped at Cabella's on our way, and I now AM officially in love with Cabella's. That is a REALLY cool shooting/camping/outside store. We got paintballs and a couple of other things and headed up the mountain. We went to a campsite, which was full, and decided to camp in a "picnic area" which you're not supposed to do apparently. The sherriff told us so. Mom & Dad & Kate & Rand all came up, bearing guitars, we ate banana boats, sang around the campfire and had a grand ol' time. It was actually really fun. Josh hasn't ever been camping with Fugals, and he really enjoyed the singing etc. He fell asleep in my lap while we sang, and he told me that he likes being sung to sleep, that was kinda fun. He's cute. In the morning the park ranger cam and told us it was illegal to be there, and then we made breakfast (we're good at cooking during camping). And went on a little tiny hike, only it was up a really steep hill and I'm a pansy, so I made us come down a long time before Josh would have liked too.
Anyway, we got home, planted our garden (yes including grape tomatos Emily!) and cleaned up and I decided to get my hair cut. It was long and I needed to get it cut. So, I went to the place I usually go to, they're the ones that made me BLONDE when I wanted highlights, you'd think I'd learn.... I told the lady it was too long and I wanted the same style, layers & junk just shorter, about at my shoulders. Well, I came home and here I am!
Wow huh! They cut it all off, pretty scary if you ask me. Josh doesn't like it, but he's trying to be nice and not tell me I have ugly hair. Fortunately it will grow. :) After the haircut, we went to see Spiderman, which was a blast! That is a great flick, in case you were wondering. Totally work the money to see it on the big screen, I LOVED it. The rest of the weekend we've just been chilllin', but it's been really fun. Hangin' out, being outside, sleeping in, I LOVE weekends like this!


  1. What?! Josh doesn't like it?! I think it is super cute!! :)

  2. your hair is cute!! i love it!! :)


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