Monday, April 30, 2007


Nope, not an announcement. :) Although it seems like we're getting hit from all angles. I started getting asked today at work "when are you guys gonna have kids?" Like I'm losing my child-bearing years, geez!

Anyway, this weekend was sorta nuts. We worked all night Friday night and Saturday morning I had Relief Society. We were doing a Super Saturday, which means mormon craft day! Yay! So, I signed up for a bunch of stuff because Mother's day is coming up and there were some REALLY cute things I could give to my moms, so I signed up for 4 crafts. They are all wood things that you paint and make cute and stuff. So, I was all sorts of excited to do them because I'm so UNCRAFTY but since there's someone there to help people like me, I figured I'd be OK. So I went, and got started. Totally painted my pants, which I had not intended to do, which sucks but I survived. I was rushing through the whole thing to get it done in time. I got there and started at like 9:00 and we were supposed to be done at 1:00, and I didn't get done until 1:15, but at least I wasn't the only one, there were other people still working on theirs when I left. :) You know when you see something cute and think "I can do that" and then it's time to do it and you notice that there was a lot more to it than you noticed? Yeah, that's what happened to me. There were these really cute blocks that were each painted a different color and they spelled "spring" and some of them had butterflies and stuff coming out of the top of them, they were really cute. Only when I looked at them I thought "blocks, I can paint blocks, that's easy" and then when we got there I noticed that they you have to paint everything, write the letters, do the wire things, put them all together, then add the moss, and speckle them. There was a LOT more to it than I realized, but we got them done - thank goodness!

I finally get home and we go do Redbox (I am SO glad that last week is over!) then we went to Spence and Stephs and watched Cellular, which was fun. Then we realized that we both had lessons to teach on Sunday. Josh got asked to substitute for Gospel Doctrine and I got primary. My visiting teaching companion also informed me that we'd be doing our visiting teaching Sunday morning so I tried to plan a lesson, the funny thing is that I realized that I'm teaching 3 year olds and they don't really listen anyway. So, I didn't prepare much, just found the appropriate pictures in the book. :)

Kids say funny things - that's what I learned at church this week. Josh and I were late to sacrament meeting so we sat in the back and there's this family in our ward who has a bunch of REALLY cute kids. So, there's 1 boy, he's probably 3 or 4 years old and he's squirming in his chair. They're probably 3 rows back in the chapel and we're at the VERY back of the chapel. Josh starts making faces at him, and he makes faces back and then giggles, peeks at his dad to see if he's getting caught or not and then makes more faces. This goes on for like half an hour! It was great. Josh is good at making faces, stretchy skin I think. :) Anyway, that was fun, then I went to primary where the kids were OUT OF CONTROL by the time I had them. It was hilarious because they all just wanted to run around like crazy and hang out and NOT sit still or pay attention. For all of you who are moms, I'm sure you already know that about kids, but it was still relatively new to me. Anyway, they all said funny things. We were learning about the creation and I had them all pick animals to put up on board and we talked about the animals and how Heavenly Father created them for us. One boy picked a giraffe, and I asked him what his favorite thing about a giraffe was, and without even missing a beat he said "I like them because we try to be like them." I'm not sure he really understood the question, but it was still funny. My favorite funny kid comment was during closing exercise when the bishop came in and talked about repentance. He asked who knew what repentance means. We hit almost all of the main points "say your sorry" "be really good" "ask for forgiveness" and then one of my boys raises his hand, gets called on and says "it means you have to STOP being SOO naughty! huh bishop?" I'm pretty sure they'd had that talk in their house before, I laughed. I think I'm gonna write a "kids say" quote book, because that will make you laugh no matter how hard your day has been. :)

The point is I'm thankful for kids and for the process of growing up. I'm glad we aren't born the contaminated and "intelligent" beings that we become. Innocence is much more fun.

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