Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Life, or something like it....

I thought I ought to explain my life a little bit, I figure it can't hurt, right? I also just made a resolution that this blog will be a place of honesty, so all of my real live honest thoughts will go here. That's really scary to me because most of the time I'd rather tell people the things about me that I like to, and hide the things I don't want anyone to know, but here we go with honesty.
I have recently become addicted to pictures because they are fun to have around, and that's a new thing for me. I used to hate them because I don't like to look at me, but Jamie taught me a better way and so I do the picture thing now. The one I posted here is here because it's the most recent picture and even though I hate it (not a flattering shot of me) this picture is what I look like right now. So, that's me and my loving wonderful husband Josh. He rocks. Jamie took it with her really cool new camera - it does that color trick where you can pick what color to pay attention to and all the other colors are just black and white. That's why our lips and cheeks look a little funny - it's not a popsicle stain, I promise.
Our lives right now are....well...they just are. We stay busy with work, school and church and that is a good thing. I work for David Allen (a private real estate investor) so I get to learn lots about a LOT of things. I rock the small claims court, I can water plants like nobody's business and I can learn how to use any PDA phone in a matter of minutes. I'm learning lots about investing, and about the real estate world (it's a whole different world) and that is awesome. Josh works for Redbox (google it if you don't know what it is) and he does emotional processing, AND he does handyman stuff with his dad. He's also going to SLCC to learn about nursing, although this week I think he'll go to massage therapy school while he waits to get into the program. He's one of those people that never ever gets done learning and I truly think he'll take some kind of classes as long as he lives. He's great at being dedicated to school so it's a good fit. The eternal student. :) Anyway, he's trying to get his processing business up and running so that he can help people to heal their stuff and make them feel better emotionally and physically.
I went to school for a little while, then got a job, and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Today I just feel like being a mom. I want to cook and clean and make beds and do laundry and cook dinner. I know that doesn't sound fun every day, and there will be a time in my life to do all of those things, but today I wanted that to be now. So, no more schooling for me. We'll see what happens in the future.
Josh is so rad that he got himself a real live grown-up calling as Ward Mission Leader, so I am a ward missionary. We have weekly meetings, we feed the missionaries every monthish and we try really hard to go out and visit people to make contact and find people to teach. It is seriously a hard calling, I'm not naturally a "lets go talk to strangers" kind of girl, so it's definitely a stretch, but it's also helping me in ways I never would have thought. (Check me out being a grown up and admitting that something I don't like is good for me!) So between work, school, and church. That leaves little time except Saturdays. Lately we've been having Barbeques and we play badminton in our backyard. The Burch's come over, we play some games, hang out, talk, eat good food (turns out that Josh is an excellent cook!) and have a good time. We are getting pretty good at badminton in the dark, and are VERY thankful for our backyard. Last night Jamie and Cameron came over after we went out to eat and we played for quite some time, it took a while before someone noticed that it was dark and we should go in. But, both Jamie and I got some hits in before that happened! Jamie and I rock that game, plus we're really graceful even if we miss the "shuttlecock" (thank you Kendall for the proper terminology) our husbands told us so.
All in all, I'm happy with my life, I'm thankful for good friend, and an amazing husband. We have a great time together and I can't wait to keep on living the life!
Back to work for me!

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