Monday, April 23, 2007

Birthday dinner

Yesterday was an excellent recovery from my embarrassing moments on Saturday. Josh had a meeting at 11:30, so he got up and started getting ready before I did, after he got ready, I started to, and while I was in the shower and getting dressed, he made breakfast!!! Now in order to truly appreciate the kindness and generosity my husband showed, you need to know 2 things, 1. He grew up thinking that pancakes are like the only true breakfast food. 2. I grew up KNOWING that everybody knows waffles are better, but people just eat pancakes because they don't have time to make waffles, but everyone likes waffles better, pancakes are just a substitute. Also, there's this song by Jack Johnson (on my playlist if you've never heard it, it's a GREAT song) called Banana Pancakes. There's the line, "makin' banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend" and Josh and I sing it ALL the time!!! We always want to "pretend like it's the weekend". So anyway, yesterday Josh made banana pancakes for him, and (that's right AND) waffles for me! Is he great or what? So we had a lovely breakfast, and then went to church. His little brother, Braden, got ordained to the office of a Deacon yesterday, so we went so Josh could stand in the circle which was fun. We saw his old bishop who is REALLY cool and talked about how great our sealing was. (We hear that a lot actually, I like it. People who were there always tell us how amazing it was. And they are right, we think it was cool too.) On our way into the bishop's office we saw all the missionary wood things with pictures, and the scripture, and the country. (Turns out I don't know how to spell plaque, cuz that's the kind that's on your teeth....I'll have to look that up sometime.) And there was one from a couple that had this as their picture on the wood thing: It was cropped so it was just around Shrek and the princess, but that's funny and I don't care who you are! When me and Josh grow up and go on a mission, we're stealing their good idea. Funny!
Anyway, after all that we went to the Fugal house for a big birthday celebration! It is Randy's birthday on Wednesday (happy birthday Rand!) and mine was a while ago. So yay for birthdays and good lasagna and breadsticks! That was good food! We had a grand ol' time. We played Greed, which is a FUNNY game with my family. Actually most games are funny with my family. I like that about them. I have a great family. Josh was playing with Ryann Elise and Tyler and I think it made him really baby hungry. It made me feel like I would be the world's worst mother. But, someday when we have kids, I know he'll be a really cute dad. He's one of those people that loves to play and wrestle with kids and somehow he can make them laugh, like the really hard "belly laugh" as Katy calls it. I LOVE that, because then it makes him laugh and that's just plain cute.

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