Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A decision a day...

I think Josh and I made an actual decision this morning - that is something pretty amazing if you ask me. Here's the thing, he has always wanted to go to massage school, he loves that stuff, and before his mission he looked into it and then went on a mission. Then on his mission he talked to a chiropractor who told him that if he is a man he shouldn't be a mesuse because he will never get a job. Girls prefer girls and men prefer girls to massage them so he'd never have anyone to massage. So, that guy told him to be a chiropractor or something else instead. So, when he came backhe started nursing prereqs. This semester is the end of the prereqs and then he is on a 2 year waiting list, so we're trying to decided what to do for 2 years and the massage things comes up again. So, I told him I would support him if he wanted to go to massage school, he talked to a rep at UCMT who told him about the night classes and thd ay classes. He could do either one, and I think that's really what he wants to do. I would have to work while he does that, so that means no babies for a while, but that's OK. It gets him closer to waht he wants to be when he grows up and that's really cool and exciting. So, we talked about it all morning and I think we really will make it happen. I'm happy for him. I really hope we can get it all to work out because UCMT is expensive! But, I think with me working it will all work out. Plus he'll have tons of good training and contacts and they have a 95% placement rate, and he is good at massage already so he'll be sure to get a great job. He kinda wanted to go be a mesuse on a cruise ship, but now he got married and I don't really wanna be a waitress on a cruise ship, so maybe he can get a different dream job. :) We'll see. The point is, we actually kinda decided what to do with our lives for a minute anyway. Yay!

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  1. Yay for making a real live grown-up decision! I think Josh would be good at that :)


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