Friday, October 8, 2010

Remember that time we had a baby? Part 1

It was a Thursday night and I was blogging about an award my friend gave me, when I thought I peed my pants.

But then I peed my pants again.

And again.

And I called my mom to see if maybe I was having a baby and not losing control of my bladder.

I couldn't feel the contractions, but I could see them happening. So I rested my hand on my belly and typed with one hand (must.....finish........blogging....) and felt the contractions with my other hand.

I had an appointment scheduled with my OBGYN the next afternoon at 2 and I couldn't understand why my mom thought I needed to go to the hospital tonight instead of just asking Dr. Man about it tomorrow at my appointment. Her "you have to have the baby within 24 hours of your water breaking" logic didn't work on me since there were 6 hours between my appointment at 2pm and the 8pm 24-hour mark. Plenty of time to have a baby if I needed to.

So I called my sister who had her baby just 6 weeks earlier and asked what happened when her water broke. She told me I had to call the hospital.

The nurse at the hospital told me I had to come in. I asked if we needed to hurry or if we could take our sweet time getting there. That was at 8:30 or 9. The contractions were still 7-9 minutes apart and I could hardly feel them. She said I could take my time.

So I slowly gathered my lists of stuff I wanted at the hospital and packed my bags. Josh started to clean out his car which was full of Redbox crap and installed the car seat.

We loaded up the car, cleaned the kitchen and headed for the hospital at about 11pm. We talked on the way about calling the moms and telling them we were going, but I wasn't at all convinced that Tommy would be making an appearance. And I was terrified of telling everyone we were going to the hospital and then having to tell them that I really just can't control my bladder. But Josh was more terrified of the backlash of not telling everyone we were going to the hospital. So we called his mom.

I'd heard horror stories of starving laboring mothers who weren't allowed to eat anything but ice chips so I made Josh stop at Wendy's and we ate in the parking lot before going to the hospital.

I remember sitting in the car talking to Josh thinking that I should be a lot more nervous about this whole thing, but I wasn't. I wasn't scared. I wasn't even anxious. I was just sitting in the car eating Wendy's while my amniotic fluid soaked the old towel I was sitting on. What could be more natural?

To be continued.......

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  1. Hey, I do remember that one time you had a baby! I was exactly the same as you when my water broke--well, minus the blogging part. But I was totally calm and chill about the whole thing. Are you sure that Tommy is really allowed to be turning one? Crazy-talk, that's what I think that is.


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