Monday, August 6, 2007

Slip 'N Slide!!!

Oh man! My family is hands down the coolest family of all time. So with the Fugal's from Washington here we are doing fun things all the time. Tonight was FHE and for activity it was Slip 'N Slide! So, we had our lesson about how "everybody is special" and we don't need to worry about stars and gray dots, and they can just fall off instead.

Then came the fun part. At my house we don't just buy a slip 'n slide. We do industrial grown-up sized slip 'n slide. At the beginning there is an old waterbed mattress filled with water, but it leaks and we keep it nice and wet and my dad even adds dish soap to make it extra slippery. Then is a big stretch of black plastic and the goal is to get clear to the end of it and slide onto the grass. So we did. We slipped and 'slode' (yes that is the proper past tense of 'slide') all over the place. Here are a couple of highlights.

You can't even tell, but that's nice FLYING down the slip 'n slide. You'd be surprised how much speed you can get off of these things!All of the boys were nice enough to hold still for a picture. That's Josh showing off his muscles (not my husband, my nephew), Nate in the t-shirt, Randy with grass stains on his front, Spencer, and Dad. Some of my favorite boys in the world.
This is Katy and Randy. They're cute. Katy's fun at things like this, but she did get cold, and was even brave enough to admit it!

The little boys didn't quite slide like the rest of us so we did "surfer man!" instead. We'd have them just stand and drag them down on their feet, which they thought was AWESOME. Then we invented, double surfer man! They both got to go at the same time. It was RAD.

Then they figured out that they wouldn't get in trouble for jumpin' on the bed. Good times.

Spencer and randy started a contest to see who could go the farthest down the track without running, just a single jump and dive, all three of them made it clear to the end on one dive, that was pretty rad. Then they started trying "with style" and oh man, the competition was fierce. Spencer and Randy figured out that you can barrel roll while you're going down the thing - good discovery. Then Randy was pullin' some crazy somersault, and flippin' moves. It was a good time, that's for sure.

The little boys LOVED being "surfer-dude" (which I'm pretty sure they think is a hero) and laughed and giggled till they couldn't anymore. I must say, I have the cutest nephews on the planet.


  1. Your family rocks! That looks like so much fun :)

  2. that looks like so much fuN! your family is too cool! :) :)


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