Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Growing up my mom went running every single day of her life. She ran marathons, my dad ran marathons, my sister followed their footsteps, and I could never understand why anyone would EVER do that to themselves. I've established that nobody really likes it, and people that run are just masochists. Think about it, when was the last time you saw somebody running with a big fat smile on their face? Never! People don't really like it, they just do it because they have to.

However, once in a while (like maybe once a year.....if that) I get the urge to "go running" which for me is not really running, it's like run for 2 minutes and walk for 5, run for 2, walk for 5. Usually it's a stress relief thing, a get out of my house and listen to music and ignore real life situation. The funny thing is, that running makes me crave JoDee Messina. Not sure why, but it does. So, I always listen to JoDee Messina when I "go running".

Yesterday I decided I wanted to "go running" when I got home. So, I ripped my JoDee CD and put it on my ipod. I drove over to Liberty Park and started the run. I've heard that Liberty Park is a mile if you go around the path. So, I figured I'd just do a quick mile and go home and be happy and satisfied. I cranked JoDee and ran about half of it and thought I was going to die. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. I walked some, and ran some more, but ouch! I did feel good afterward though, I just think it's sad that it was that hard for me. Maybe I'll do it again, and maybe I'll get good at it. Who knows. In the meantime, I decided I really like Liberty Park. There's a pool, tennis courts, Tracy Aviary, and tons of "park", ponds, birds, etc etc etc. It might be my new favorite place.....we'll see. In the mean time, I'm sticking to the idea that nobody really likes running, and that I kindof enjoyed it last night, even though it hurts today. :)

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  1. amen sister!! lol why would people run? walking is fine for me though! lol.. i hate running!! lol. Logan and I LOVE liberty Park! we miss it so much, there isnt a park here like that. we use to go there all the time just to walk around, feed the ducks, just to "get out of the city" type of thing.


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