Monday, August 27, 2007

The PERFECT weekend

Yes, we had the perfect weekend. It's true, there's no point in trying to top it now, because as long as I live, I will never have a better weekend.

Friday night after some debate as to whether or not it was worth it, Josh and I decided to go to Alexander Lake. Josh has this thing about chicken, monopoly, and mountains. I guess when he was a kid they would get KFC and go play monopoly in the canyon. Anyway, I've tried more than once to fulfill that, but it's been a little rough. We've done monopoly, and we've tried for chicken, but it's hard! So, last time we went to Alexander Lake we stopped at KFC on our way and ate in the car. The problem was, they got the order all wrong.

Josh: "Can I have a #2 with wedges instead of mashed potatoes and a biscuit"
Order guy: "kshht (in the radio voice) that's a #2 with mashed potatoes, no biscuit."
Josh: "no a #2 no mashed potatoes, and a biscuit"
OG: "kshht what to drink?"
Josh: "lemonade."
OG: "kshht got it. anything else?"
Josh: "Yes, a 3 piece leg and thigh combo, with corn and cole-slaw"
OG: "kshht leg & thigh combo, slaw and potatoes."
Josh: "no. corn and cole-slaw."
OG: "kshht got it, kshht what to drink?"
Josh: "lemonade."
OG: "please pull up."

We pull up, pay the guy, and he hands us 1 drink, and the bag of food.

Josh: "Didn't we get 2 drinks?"
OG: "kshht (now he's just making the noise with his mouth, it's not the radio sound) they only come with meals."
Josh: "didn't we get 2 meals?"
OG: "no, you got a meal and a combo."
Josh: "you asked us what kind of drinks we wanted twice."
OG: "didn't you want lemonade?"
Josh: "yes. 2 lemonades."
OG: "you only get 1 drink, they only come with combos."

At this point Josh is beyond frustrated and decides to just drive off. As we drive off we look at the order, Josh wanted 3 chicken parts and only got 2, the 1 lemonade we did get was water, I didn't get a biscuit, and they gave him mashed potatoes instead of cole-slaw. We were disappointed, but in a hurry, so we went anyway.

This time we decided we'd give it another try. We pull up to the window, hesitating and trying to decide if this is the best choice for us. We were brave enough and pulled up to the order place.

OG: "kkkshhht. may I take your order?"
Josh: "one moment please."
OG: "kkkkshhht. ok. That'll be 95 cents for the first moment, each moment after that will be 83 cents, and the moments will begin counting at the beep. beeeep."
Me and Josh look at each other, laugh, and knew that it would be OK this time. We both got what we wanted, NO mashed potatoes, YES corn and and cole-slaw, NO water, just lemonade. It was perfect.

We continued our journey, and listened to a book on the way, had great conversation, laughed, and enjoyed the drive. We pulled into our camp site just as it was getting dark, set up the tent, built a fire, and had a great time! We poked the fire and made s'mores and looked at the stars, and hung out until time for bed. In our search for firewood, we walked down by my family's camp site, and found a painted rock in the lake. :) My family rocks.

First thing in the morning we built another fire, cooked breakfast (yay for camping pancakes and eggs!) and then decided it was time for a game. We broke out monopoly and Josh pretty well kicked my butt at that game. Then after sitting in the sun for so long we decided that we could go for a swim. Wow, what an adventure.

We brought a tube with us, and wanted to float on it. It was big enough for both of us, but we still had to balance. We launched from right by our camp site, which didn't have a beautiful shore, but we were brave. It was slimy and muddy and dirty on the bottom. Somehow we both got on the tube, and used lily pads for oars. Josh kept trying to tip it, and leaning on my side, I kept laughing and telling him to stay on his side. Finally we both jumped off and it was COLD! But so much fun. After coming in and drying off we decided we were ready to go home, so we packed up and headed home from the beautifullest place in the world. *sigh*

Saturday night we wanted to play games with someone, so we called Katy and Randy. They fed us dinner (nothing like inviting yourself over to dinner...) and taught us how to play pinnacle. Wow, that's a good game. Kate and I kicked trash, and the boys were ready to go home with their tails between their legs. EXCEPT that we played spades afterward. Turns out Josh and Randy rock at spades. We taught them how to play suicide, and oh man, that was funny. They kicked our trash and Josh and I headed home.

Sunday morning I went visiting teaching (yay! I'm a grown up) and Josh went to the most productive missionary meeting we've ever had. He got all of the things I needed him too, and now I don't feel so bad about going to my meeting on Thursday. Hopefully it will be a success. After church we made dinner, and Josh started chasing me around the house. Before long we were wrestling and laughing HYSTERICALLY. We played games, and laughed and laughed until everything we said/did was funny. I love being in that mood. Josh has the greatest air-sucking laugh of all time and we had a great night. We really had tons of fun, and went to bed early. So, this morning we weren't that tired.

I LOVE weekends like this! I feel like I could take over the world, and that makes me happy. I'm excited for a new week and to finish up everything I've now started. :) Happy happy weekend!


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