Friday, August 3, 2007

Just a day just an ordinary day

Today seems to have been an extraordinary day. I keep seeing things that you don't normally see. Like on my way to work, I'm driving up state street (just below the capital) and it's lined with trees. It's a beautiful street. Anyway, as I'm driving I saw a couple of little green apples fall off the trees. It's one of those things that you wouldn't normally see, it just happens when nobody is watching, but not today. Today I saw it - sounds dumb, but it was kinda cool.

As I continued to follow a big fat truck up the hill, he started to pull up his back wheels as he was driving. I know that's not really that exciting, but I've never seen it before, and I won't lie, I half expected the truck to turn into a giant robot and start 'roller-skating' down the street. My life is straight out of transformers.

The weekend is getting closer and closer, and I can't wait! It's been a crazy week, but it'll be an even crazier weekend. My brother and his family are here visiting from Washington and I can't wait to see them, and meet my brand new neice, she's cute I already know. :) The real adventure is that we're getting family pictures taken. Now THAT will be fun. Ha ha ha!!! Wish me luck!

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