Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Manna from heaven

Sometimes I'm AMAZED at how prayers can be answered. You know when you really know you should be doing something, but you drag your feet and drag your feet and then all of a sudden it's like Heavenly Father just says "if you're not going to do it by yourself, I'll do it for you!" and drops a pile of whatever it is that you should be doing in your lap and you're kinda forced to do it? Yeah, that's how I feel a lot of times.

When I was on Student Council I felt like that and decided that we are often given opportunities to grow, and when we choose not to take them, that's when we're given "experiences".

Well, the summer before Josh and I started dating I really felt the need to do temple/family history work. I even thought about going through the temple and then couldn't because I wasn't old, or missioning or marrying. But I still thought I should start doing family history somehow. THEN I met Josh, we got married, go to the temple regularly and I kinda thought that would satisfy the urge, but I still thought I really ought to learn how the family history system works. We had a lesson about temples in Relief Society a couple of the ladies in my ward talked about the family history work they do. They do indexing for the church once a week and love it. I asked them about it afterward, and they couldn't really give me any solid answers - but I knew you could do it from home, and it's basically just entering data from old records into a good computer format. So, I thought I'd look into it, I did a google search one night and didn't find anything that looked really fruitful. So, I guess you could say I tried, but I didn't do much more than what was convenient. I should've done more.

Yesterday the Ensign came. If you haven't seen it yet, there's this huge article about the new indexing website and it has the website in the article, and you just sign up for it and it's SUPER easy. There I go again, getting hit with a 2x4. "Do it! You've been pretending like you were going to for 2 years, it's time to get off your but and get at it!" That's what I heard in my head. So, I signed up for an account, and maybe I'll get some done tonight. :) I'm sure that the article touched more people than me, and I'm sure that a million people will start doing the work now, but it really was exactly what I needed, so I'm excited to get started.

The rest of the Ensign was pretty amazing too, I didn't read the whole thing, but I did my flip-through, and am really excited to read a lot of the articles. Sometimes I think I'm more in tune with the spirit and recognize the things that I can get out of the Ensign much better than other times. This is one of those times that I'm really excited for.

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  1. That is neat! I love it when things like that happen, it's like you're really supposed to do it or something, lol :) I hope you have fun with it and get a lot done.


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