Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yesterday I "ran" for 57 minutes. I was amazed that I was feeling so great and breathing so easily and at one point I think I literally patted myself on the back. I was doing a new (to me) route in reverse and I got lost and then I got found and then I figured I would just keep going. And I was so proud of me for running that entire time! It is (by far) a record for me.

BUT (a big but) I only ran 4.2 miles. In 57 minutes. And now you know why "ran" is in quotation marks. I have never run so slowly in my entire life. No wonder I was breathing easily.

But considering I always stop at a 5k, this was still a big deal. And running for a whole hour is a big deal. I tried to opt for "proud of me" instead of dwelling on the fact that most people walk faster than that.....but.....

Then today Tommy and I went for a walk. When I asked Tommy if he wanted to ride in the stroller or walk he emphatically said "WALK! WALK MOMMY! I PUSHA STROLLER! POOOOOSH A JOHN B!"

So I brought the single stroller and John got the seat.

1 hour later we had walked a mile. So technically yesterday I ran 4 times faster than Tommy - and anytime I'm going 4 times faster than anything I celebrate that.

It's all about perspective.

Tomorrow morning we're leaving to drive to California. We'll stop in Vegas on the way out and St. George on the way back. That makes 4 days in the car with the sweetest little boys on the planet.

But they'll be strapped in. And Tommy is currently in a fight with his car seat so he's probably not going to be happy. "Momma, I'm stuck in this car seat again!"

And when Tommy ain't happy ain't nobody happy.

But we're going to California so I am over-the moon excited about getting in that car tomorrow morning.

It's all about perspective.

Now that John learned to pull himself up on things he refuses to be set down. As soon as I set him down he races to the nearest vertical surface to pull himself up. Then he gets himself vertical and immediately falls flat on his back. So I carry him, feed him or sleep him 24 hours a day.

I can only assume that's because the view down there sucks.

It's all about perspective.

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