Monday, January 26, 2009

One thing I love about our neighbor is that they take care of us.

The first week we moved into our house we had no idea when garbage day was. Our incredibly kind neighbor took ours to the curb with theirs. We thought that was the nicest thing and mentally memorized that garbage day is always Wednesday. Wait, Monday. No Wednesday. Or is it Friday?

Now that we are clear on when garbage day is, if they beat us to it, they still take out our trash. And put it away.  They are nice like that.

Also when they come home after we are already home and we have unwittingly and irresponsibly left the dome light on in our car, they call to tell us. And when we (Josh) go out to turn it off, they chat with us for a while like we're old friends.

They also tell us where to fish, and that the sidewalk is slippery.

I doubt any of you have better neighbors than us.


  1. That is so sweet. They've got your back!

  2. thats so awesome.. our neighbor is a paranoid freak who thinks anyone in our apartments who have more then like 1 guest a day is a crack dealer... and he is constantly stretching the truth to an unbelievable length... i envy you

  3. Our neighbors are like that too! :) When ever Jason's out of town they take out our trash! lol

  4. I'm so happy you have nice neighbors. We have awesome neighbors as well. And for the record, even though he's not our next-door neighbor, Ryan takes out our trash every single week. We love him.

  5. That is nice...but I must say that I think my neighbors are better...I mean I get to live by your parents AND the Shoells AND my brother...what more could a girl ask for? Oh yeah...if you and Josh were to move down here that would be PERFECT...and maybe a couple of other people too....

  6. Oh My gosh! I want your neighbors! We don't really talk too much to ours. Our trash can is out in the street for days because I think it should be Scott's job and well of course he think its equal opportunity so he doesn't move it in protest! Grr... If only we had neighbors like yours :)


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