Monday, January 19, 2009

One thing I love about MLK

Is that I'm at home in my pajamas with my bed made, the dishes washed, the Wicked soundtrack going in the background, my e-mails answered, facebook updated, and big plans of watching The Office for the rest of the morning.

I took a picture of the beauty of my morning, but it turns out I'm not that beautiful before I shower (how on earth do I convince Josh to stay with me?) and I can't find my camera cord. So, just let your imagination run wild. I know you can hardly stand the beauty of the picture in your head right now.

Incidentally, if you know the monster who has been living in my home this week, stealing critical things, like my Dan In Real Life soundtrack, remote control, 1 black sock, 1 white sock, and camera cord, please have him meet me at the flagpole at noon. I have some words for him.

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