Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 things

25 random facts about me:

I’m not that good at thinking of 25 things about me…
  1. I usually like to make lists of things. I suppose this is an exception…
  2. I was born in California so I used to sing “wish we all could be California GIIIIRRRLLLLS!!!!!” and pretend that I was a “California Girl” although the older I get the more I realize I have no idea what that means, and I’m certain that I’m not at all a “California GIIIIIRRRRRLLLLLLL”.  Eh well, childhood dreams don’t always come true.
  3. I married prince charming. In real life. And he awoke me with a “sweet and gentle kiss” one time when we were dating. And he thinks I’m a princess. Some childhood dreams do come true.
  4. I can make a 3 leaf clover out of my tongue. Also I always win the “unwrap the starburst in your mouth” contest, which really has nothing to do with your tongue, but whatever, I win anyway.
    I’ve never actually seen myself do that – it’ kinda gross. Sorry.
  5. I’m no grammar expert, but some things really bug me. Like your and you’re. And there and their and they’re. To me those are common knowledge and it bugs me when people switch them. Go ahead, start commenting on all of the terrible grammar errors I’ve made in this post so far. I’m listening.
  6. I am constantly surrounded by fantastic people. Really. The people I work with are great, my neighbors  are great, my families are great, I had awesome roommates, and the best friends I could ask for, PLUS my husband is incredible (see number 4). I’m pretty sure that in the pre-earth life when everybody picked their challenges (which by the way I don’t really believe happened….really.) somebody said, “Amy. Everybody else got here first (because I probably walked slow back then too….because, you know, some personality traits are eternal…) so instead of getting “surrounded by people who bug you” you’re getting “can’t have babies when you want them” and “bad teeth” OK?” And I said “OK. Great. Thanks for your help.” Because I always say that. No matter how much someone is bugging me or making my life difficult. I’m too much of a pansy to say anything else. (Because, you know, some personality traits are eternal.) At least to their face. I probably whined about it to Josh or my other friends later.  (Because, you know, whining is eternal.)
  7. I don’t always think #8 is true. 
  8. I used to have a lot of secrets. When Josh and I started dating I was pretty sure he was the only person I’d ever been totally honest with 100% of the time, and I loved that feeling. I didn’t like to talk about things (feelings, flaws, life experiences, etc.) until him. Now most people probably wish I would just “stop talking!” I claim it’s because I didn’t say much for the first 19 years of my life, so I have a lot of catching up to do.
  9. The first time I got junk mail addressed to “Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Egbert” I was so happy I saved it for like a month.
  10. I like it when things are consistent. Every morning I wake up (late) and (rush to) get ready for work. Every Thursday Josh and I fight over whether or not I get to watch The Office. Every Sunday we go to church and sit in the same pew for Sacrament Meeting. Every Tuesday I make a killer taco salad thing…in the cafeteria. I like this kind of consistency because I don’t have to do anything too drastic (read: stupid) to feel like I’m being exciting. Instead of sky diving, I can just forget The Office go ice skating on a Thursday night. (Not that I would ever EVER do that. Just that I could.) Instead of buying a new car, I can go to the grocery store on my way home from work. Consistent is safe. And therefore good.
  11. I hate leaky pens. I mean it. I hate them.
  12. In my life, I have been to most of the Western States – and only one place EAST of Wyoming. Sad, but true. Hopefully we'll cure that someday soon....
  13. I like watching Dr. Phil a lot more than I will ever admit to you.
  14. I really have no desire to go to Disneyland. I think it’s too hot. And crowded. And full of inconsistent rides which are NOT safe OR fun.
  15. I’m afraid of heights. But I love a really great view (you know, the kinds from high places...). You wouldn’t believe the internal conflict that a simple hike brings….

  16. Josh and I talked about it, and I think we could easily fill up a 3,000 sq. ft. house with just the 2 of us. Since I think each activity should have its own area, I could use 5 rooms by myself. crafts, exercise, office, library, theater, etc.
  17. I played the clarinet in Jr. High band. Sometimes I pretend I was going for the sax because it’s cooler, but it isn't true. But one time I did get to play in the percussion pit (for one song) which was COOL.
  18. One time one of the cool kids in 6th grade – wait. Let me back up here. I went to dork school in 6th grade, because I was a dork. The program was called ALL and I don’t remember what it really stood for, I just remember that "they" (all the cool know how cool 6th graders are, right?) called us “All Lindon Losers” instead. Anyway… - One day at recess on the swings Matt (who by the way I very secretly loved with all of my heart) told me that “even though I was in the All Lindon Losers class, I was still pretty cool. In fact, I was probably the coolEST of the kids in that class.” I floated in from recess that day, confident that no matter what kind of dork classes I took (see # 18) Matt would still think I was “pretty cool” until the day we died….in each other’s arms.
  19. In 1st grade I was just developing my crush on Matt, in my class pictures everyone said it looked like I was trying to hold his hand. I wasn’t. I specifically remember that the photographer said we (the girls) should all try to look pretty, SOOOO, naturally, I was curtseying. I was mortified when my mom, grandma, and aunts saw the picture and accused me of having a crush on him. Partly because it was true. And partly because that picture shouldn’t have given it away! I didn’t even know I was standing next to him! But I was more mortified at the thought of being caught on camera “curtseying”.
  20.  I hate eating with people. It used to be because I didn’t want them to see me eat. Now it’s because I don’t want me to see them eat. I think eating is gross and entirely too many human beings don’t have what I think are basic table manners. I’ll be honest sometimes I don’t even have what I think are basic table manners. But usually I’m perfect and everybody else is not. J For this reason the phrase “let’s do lunch” pretty much petrifies me. Unless it involves my sisters and Sweet Tomato. They're exempt.
  21. Sometimes I read the words “random facts about me” and think it says “long stories that nobody cares about.” Sorry. I’m repenting.
  22. Someday I would like really to know what the tiny white things in miracle grow dirt are made of. Any chance any Platts are reading this? Help me out!
  23. I don’t complain in restaurants. Ever. When the waitress comes and says “how is everything” I say, “Great thanks!” and Josh says “can I have some ketchup?” and I kick him under the table for being rude. He almost has me convinced that asking for ketchup isn’t rude. Almost.
  24. I drove a 1985 brown station wagon all through high school. My parents loved me.
  25. I really want to take a photography class and learn to take incredible photos. This blog would be much prettier.


  1. Little white dots are 'perlite'. Which is a form of volcanic glass that has been heated to explode to reach the state you are familiar with. They add it to the soil to create air pockets and help in water retention.

    There is your horticulture lesson for the day.


  2. I always sang the song in #2 also but that's because my dad was such a HUGE Beach Boys fan!

    Anyway, learned a lot about you! THANKS :-)

    You're too cute, btw.

  3. I resent the fact that you say you went to "dork school" in 6th grade... By the way, ALL stood for Accelerated Learning Lab ;)

  4. How fun that I'm leaving a comment on a blog. This time it's not cause I'm home alone, it's cause Tyson is playing Pitfall on the Wii for a while before our nightly movie. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that Tyson wants you to be his best friend (besides me) because of your #20. He is the pickiest person with people's manners I've EVER met. In fact, I would be willing to bet a large sum of money that he's got more on his list of "basic table manners" than you do! Haha anyway I thought that was funny...

  5. I used to sing "California Girls" all the time too. Because I am from Cali too :) I think they meant "blonde and tan" but being "white and burnette" I still sang my heart out.

  6. I can do the 3 leaf clover trick with my tongue too!

  7. That tongue thing is hilarious! As for the "picking your trials" thing, I must have picked some that come later in life, because so far... Heaven!

  8. In reference to # 23 =) You ask those waitresses for everything and anything, that is what they are there for!! They need to earn that tip. I used to be a waitress and I would rather people ask for or send things back than go away miserable. You are paying good money it should be edible. =o) You are too funny!!

    Nancy from WY

  9. Sorry about the table manners. I'm glad our Sweet Tomato trip is an exemption. Also, we should never make you eat with Ryann. We have not taught her well and I'm pretty sure it's too late. She will always be a food-player-wither and probably thrower. Also, she will ask the waitress for anything. Sometimes when we visit people like Alysa or Sarah or the Grandmas, she asks for "Candy" or "Dinner" right when we walk in the door. I really do feed her before we go places, but I guess everyone else does it better.

    What I'm trying to say it, "You're funny." Good 25 things.


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