Friday, March 15, 2013

Centrifugal Farce

Every year my family makes an album.

It becomes the soundtrack for my year. And is easily my favorite thing to listen to. Always. Running, walking, cleaning, singing, partying, moping, all of it. Somehow this soundtrack is good for all of them. 

Here's how it works: each person secretly chooses one song and submits it to Nate. The Album King. He compiles the album and distributes it. Then we listen and guess who submitted which song. The winner is the one who gets everybody right in the fewest number of guesses. Then we all listen to the album and tell each other how cool we are. 

This year there were a few surprises. Like my mom choosing The Cave by Mumford and Sons. In her defense, she had no idea how cool it was when she chose it.

It took Josh and I 4.5 guesses to get them all right. 1/2 guess because he guessed separate from me for the first guess, then completely abandoned me while I got them all correct by process of elimination (and mostly dumb luck). 

The winner this year got them all right on the first guess. I think we're all still trying to figure out HOW Spence & Em cheated because getting it all right at once is simply unbelievable. Especially this year. 

Do you want to be a Pseudo-Fugal and hear this year's album? 

Go ahead. Click here and enjoy.

Palladio Escala
Let the Rest of the World Go By Gordon MacRae & Jo Stafford
Learning to Fly Pink Floyd
The Once and Future Carpenter The Avett Brothers
I Won't Give Up Jason Mraz
Downton Abbey -The Suite Chamber Orchestra of London
50 Ways to Say Goodbye Train
Run Vampire Weekend
The Cave Mumford & Sons
First Day of My Life Bright Eyes
Dizzy Tommy Roe
Let Your Heart Hold Fast Fort Atlantic


  1. You guys are awesome. Awesomest. Ever.

  2. I love Centrifugal Farce! Plus, I can't believe you are calling us cheaters! We were just as surprised as you were that we got them all right on the first guess. It was truly unbelievable!


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