Thursday, February 21, 2013

On the Other Hand

The blessings and ways this new job is working out for me is surprisingly awesome.

My sister can (and will!) watch my kids. They love her and she loves them. She has plenty already on her plate, but was willing to help me out anyway. They will be in a happy, secure, convenient place and that means the world to me.

Josh works just 3 days a week, so most often he'll be home with the kids. They love him, he loves them, and while I'm confident home time will be significantly different from when I'm here, it will be good.

I got a job. Seriously that is a miracle. I applied on a whim, got an interview, and had a job all within a week. This is the first job I applied for and the only job I've interviewed for in 5 years. To be hired is nothing short of a miracle.

The office is close. The boss seems to be an upstanding good guy. The business is something I have just enough experience in to be helpful and just different enough for me to learn and grow. The boss is something of a dreamer and he needs someone with my specific skill set, (read: quirks and annoying habits i.e. list making, incessant follow up, details.) if I were looking for a career (I'm not) this might be the kind of thing I'd be interested in.

But the best and (most important to me) part is how it has all just fallen into place.

Maybe I'm a "take the easy road" kind of girl, or maybe I lead a charmed life, or maybe I'm just plain lazy; but all of the big decisions in my life have been like this. It all just fell into place. So I did them and it was good. College, student council (HAD to fall in my lap or I'd NEVER), Josh, jobs, etc.

That's not to say I haven't worked for anything. And it certainly shouldn't be taken to show how easy my life is. (It's not. Neither is yours. You know.) But I've rarely had to make a big decision that took a lot of fighting. When the thing for me has come up, it has just come up and worked out. A lot of faith yes. But not a lot of fight.

This being that way gives me a boost of confidence that this is where I should be. I know that most things in life don't just happen, and when they do I'm glad to take advantage of that.

So, here's to learning how to be a working mom.

*tips and advice please?*


  1. This gives me hope that I'll be able to figure my situation out! I've been moping about it all day, so well timed post!! Good luck with the new job and figuring it all out, I have no tips or advice, and no experience :)

    1. Are you going to keep working post baby? Here's the thing, there are a million working moms on the planet and it works! So I really just need to get over myself and realize that it's going to be fine, because IT IS FINE. :) Having said that, call me when you leave for work the first day and I'll tell you that it gets better - even if that's a lie. :D That's what friends are for.

  2. I'm so glad things are working out for you! I will be praying that it keeps working as you start working! xo

  3. I'm happy things are working out for you! As a part-time working mom (I work 3 days-20 hours), some days are hard, but I've learned to appreciate more of the little time I am at home. I've learned that it's ok to put my hobbies and leisure activities aside...they aren't as important as they used to be. I also have to be better organized. One thing that helps a ton is that Brady and I split dinner duty. He does dinner 2 days a week--on the days that I work later--and that saves me a lot of stress of coming home after 6 and trying to come up with dinner. Good luck!


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