Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Groundhog Day

One of the best things about 3 year olds is their ability to get excited about anything.
One of the best things about living here is that the Library is 4 minutes away.
One of the best things about the library is that Grandma works there. And so does adopted Grandma Marsh (the cousin's grandma). And Grandma Marsh is the boss of English story time and Grandma Fugal is the boss of Spanish story time.
One of the best things about story time is that it's free.

That's why we go to the library at least twice a week. Which is why we knew about Groundhog Day before it happened.

Last week Grandma Marsh taught them all about Groundhog Day. They made Groundhog "hats" and Tommy immediately became obsessed.

After wearing it and asking when Groundhog Day was gonna be all. week. long. he was thrilled on Saturday when I told him it was finally time. He squealed with delight that it was finally "my favorite day of ALL! I'm so excited!"

When John woke up from his nap, we grabbed the hat, and put on our boots (snow!) and headed out to see if our shadows were out there.

He got a little distracted by the giant mounds of snow on our way out to the sun.

But we eventually made it, saw our shadows and ran away screaming because "those shadows are really scary! Let's go hide!!!" We hid in the safety of the shadow from our house. Go figure.

Eventually the shade of the house was too cold for Little John and we came inside to hide in the basement.

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