Friday, February 8, 2013

Date Flop

So January's Date of the Month is supposed to be all about Josh for his birthday.

We eat at Rodizio (free meal for birthday club!) and we see a movie (of his choice) in the theater with extra butter on the popcorn. (Ew!!!)

It's the least healthy night of my life.

So we had Fandango bucks courtesy of Redbox to use. And we had free Rodizio. And we had a babysitter (thanks mom!) Easiest date ever right?

We tried to find a movie to see that Josh was willing to use his choice on. Not Lincoln, or Les Mis or anything else that I am dying to see. It has to be a dude movie.

So we found that the local dollar(ish) theater was playing Skyfall - the lastest Bond movie. But they don't take our Fandango bucks. Oh well, it's a dollar(ish) we'll just pay and enjoy our date.

We got to the theater a bit late after a rush to get us all where we belonged, but we bought our tickets and our popcorn and headed to the theater to sneak in and find seats. Except the show hadn't started. We were 20 minutes late. That's odd.

We hung out for another 15 minutes, then talked to the poor boy at the counter and he said he had no idea when they'd get the server fixed, so we got vouchers for another movie and headed out for free dinner feeling a bit dejected since we paid for a free movie we didn't get to see.

As we pulled onto the street of Rodizio I grabbed the birthday card to put it in my purse. I looked at the card which was for Tucanos. 30 minutes in the opposite direction.

So instead we went to Panda Express. And paid for dinner.

Worst free date ever.

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