Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cell Dancing, Bears and Bishops

My dear friend Aundrea (Do you know her? You should. Her name really is Aundrea - not Andrea.) is not a cold loving kind of woman. She wears a parka when the air conditioning is up to high and people tease her because she also wears bum gloves at her desk.

So in the summer when the air conditioning is up too high at work and it's roughly 9,000 degrees outside she loves to exit the building and bask in the suffocating heat of her vehicle because it make her cells dance. And that's a good thing.

Remember me. The winter lover? This logic is seriously flawed to someone like me. But she sortof talked me into it. But my cells only dance for 2 seconds. Hers can dance the whole drive home.

That's why this page in this book just screams AUNDREA'S CELLS ARE A BEAR!

But when we read this page of the book tonight at bedtime Tommy pointed to the bear and said "just like our Bishop."

It took a bit of digging before he finally explained. "Welcome budders and sisssers." and shook my hand.

So there you have it. David Ezra Stein probably thought this book was about a hibernating bear, but it's really about Aundrea's dancing cells and Bishop Whitehead.

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