Friday, November 22, 2013

The New House

This month has been insane for me. A lot of back and forth and trying to decide things and wondering if it's the right thing and trying to make good decisions quickly.

As soon as we got notice that we had to move, we started looking for a place. I scoured ksl and found a lot of workable places. We could live anywhere between Provo and Lehi, we were looking for a home with enough room to bring Cami with us (ideally) but we couldn't swing that it would be ok too. We had a wide price range and not a lot of solid specifications.

But finally we narrowed down the search and I thought I had found a couple of places that would work. Then I mentioned to a friend that we were looking, and she said she was moving out of the house she was renting and they were looking to replace themselves as tenants.

So I went over to see Katie's house in American Fork not really knowing what to expect. I walked through and noticed some oddities (a playroom downstairs with a totally tiled floor...weird? or cool? useful?) but mostly it was just a nice normal house. So I told Josh about it, and since the weird things were still puzzling me (laundry hookups in the downstairs bathroom?) I think overplayed the weirdness. But I still really liked the place. And asked Katie if she'd let us intrude one more time so I could just show it to Josh instead of trying to explain it.

We went over and our boys played in the yard with her kids while Josh and I wandered through the house. This time through I looked more at the things I remembered liking.
Room for my piano! - the only thing we own that I am unwilling to sell
Master bathroom!
Walk in closet!
Food storage room!
Covered back patio!
Big dining room!
Covered sandbox!
Dead end street!
Close to the freeway!

And as we pulled away Josh said "I don't understand why we wouldn't want to live there..." so I called the landlord.

3 days later we met George and he told us we could have it, so we turned down the others and started our plans to move there.

We continued filling up boxes, but stopped with the generic box labels "play room?" and got specific "tile room!" The garage is so full of packed boxes that we'll have to boot both cars from their warm homes and get them used to the cold of the driveway.

Cami will come with us, we'll enjoy our master bathroom (yay!!!) and figure out some way to soften up that tile floor for the play room. I'm looking forward to the change, a fresh start and new (and old) friends.

So, Tuesday is the big day, we'll load up the truck with the majority of our stuff after work and haul it to the new place and never look back. (Until Wednesday, when I'll spend the day cleaning at the old house in a pathetic attempt to get our security deposit back - which I simply don't believe will happen.)

The boys have been in heaven with the ridiculous stash of boxes we've accumulated. Everyday is fort day and when Tommy sits in a box, he's allowed to color on the walls (heaven!)


  1. We're so excited for you!
    And as for the tile floor, you should try carpet tiles, they're pretty inexpensive (especially with Spencer's help shopping), you just lay them down, no gluing or anything. If a tile gets dirty, you take it up and clean it, and put it back in. Spencer can tell you all about them.
    Good luck with them move!

  2. Oh I hope you get your deposit back. :( He ought to at least do that for you! Excited to see the new place so so soon.


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