Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Tommy started preschool this year. He really really loves it. He learns new songs and games and loves to show me what he did today. 

Plus I love the walk to school in the morning - his school is just shy of a mile away and it's a nice little walk for the boys. Tommy knows the way (a straight shot North of here) and Little John knows when he's allowed to get out and walk too.

We usually get there a bit early and the boys sit on the sidewalk playing together until it's time to go in.

Last week I drove Tommy and John was heartbroken when he realized that he didn't get to play. Poor thing. 

I wondered about putting Tommy in school - he has 2 years until Kindergarten, but decided last minute to put him in and I'm (currently) so so glad I did. We were lucky to find great teachers who he loves. 

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  1. Porter did two years of preschool as well and I'm glad he did. It was so good for him.
    So glad that you found a good school for him and that you like the teachers!


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