Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sick sick sick

Tommy's never really been sick, he takes his shots like a champ and has never even had a bad cold. He's just been a very healthy (and dare I say, easy, baby).

Don't get me wrong, he has a set of lungs and he's not afraid to use them. Anybody over the age of 25 who has tried to take him from me can vouch for that. He also has preferences, but for the most part he's a happy child who adjusts well to things.

So on Christmas Eve when he started vomiting uncontrollably in the back of the car, this mom was heartbroken. While Daddy held him out in the cold air with his puke soaked jammies, this mom just wanted to snuggle up with him, puke and all because it seemed less heartbreaking that way.

So we took him back to my mom's house and threw the gross stuff in the washing machine, and the cute stuff (aka Tommy) in the bathtub, and he calmed down and seemed to be OK.

He slept through the entire ride home, including the midnight stop at Walgreens for Pedialyte. Christmas day we were very careful to keep him on the BRAT diet, and watched him closely, but he seemed fine - just a bit sleepy which made sense given his disrupted sleep schedule.

Yesterday we took him to the Dr. for his "I'm about to be uninsured checkup" where he showed off and played with all the toys and acted just fine. He cried for roughly 2 seconds "That Mean Lady" gave him his shots, but was otherwise completely happy. He was a bit more cuddly than normal, but again I chalked it up to excessive tiredness.

The well child visit was great - his weight jumped up so much that I'm a little concerned (4th to 15th percentile) but Dr. Lady says he's just fine so I'm currently chilling out. I suppose if I'm being honest my real concern is over my own weight jump and our extraordinarily lazy habits these days.

This morning he woke up in a pile of puke again. Poor baby was covered in pretty much everything he ate yesterday. Poor daddy almost lost his breakfast due to the putrid odor.

He's weepy and clingy and tired and his eyes are red and his breath stinks and his tummy is boycotting anything resembling real food.

Being sick really sucks, but Bubbah being sick is 20 times worse.


  1. Poor guy! I hope he starts feeling better soon. Try to get him on medicaid, asap!

  2. I'm so sorry! I second the medicaid idea, it is a pain in the butt to get it but worth every penny you don't have to spend.
    If it makes you feel better we're all sick over here too, all weekend in fact. Simon has mild pneumonia, and the only good part of that is that he is now on antibiotics.
    Let's all get well!

  3. Oh no! Aiden had the flu (or whatever) a couple weeks ago and it's SO SO SO sad! Does Tommy have bad diarrhea too? Aiden did for even longer than the throw up and he got the worst diaper rash I've ever seen because of it. I would have traded places with him in a heartbeat. I hope Tommy gets better soon for both of your sakes!!

  4. Awww. :( I hope he feels better soon!!


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