Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On Feeling Beauty

I've never been one of those universally beautiful people. I don't mean that in a "tell me I'm pretty" way, but in a matter-of-fact some people look like supermodels and I'm not one of them way.

But every now and then I feel beautiful.

This started when someone I love started doing Dressing Your Truth.

But most recently, I got a haircut. And apparently the world ended. I posted this photo on facebook

and had (I'm not exaggerating) 145 likes and 45 extremely generous comments about it. I think that's more than when Thomas was born.

It's kindof a weird feeling because while I seriously love the new do, and these generous comments reinforced that feeling of beauty, it sortof freaked me out. It's a lot of pressure to be attractive! What if I look totally average the next time I see one of those 145 people? (I did.) What if I never learn to do my hair like that any everybody I meet is like "you should consider going back to that one really awesome hair day you had that one time..."? What if I let my hair grow all long and nasty again?


Knowing your potential is stressful. So please, join me in the lowering of expectations so I dare come out in public again?


  1. :) I love this post. I've always thought you were lovely. And no wonder 145 people are gawking over you in that photo - you are RADIATING! You just look truly and sincerely HAPPY! And I love that! But also, I'm all about sweats and not brushing my hair for three days, so I hear ya on the expectations bit, haha! :) Also, I've heard of Dressing Your Truth. Sounds so interesting! Love you!

  2. Oh! Let me chime in! I posted a picture of myself all dolled up for a roaring 20s party on Instagram and got more likes than I have ever gotten on any other IG picture and everyone said I looked amazing. Only that's not how I normally look. I like the picture, but it's not the usual me. And it's weird to have everyone praise the "not the usual you" more than the real you. In other words, I agree. 100%. With whatever you and I just said. Ha. I do have said picture as my IG profile picture. I like it there, because (1) I think it's a fun picture, and (2) I like the reminder that the real me has messy hair and wears pajamas around the house and I actually like being aware of (and okay with) the difference between dolled up me and regular me.


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