Saturday, October 5, 2013


I'll be honest there are certain things I feel like I simply can't really love because it's cool to do so. I'm generally resistant to coolness because cool is not typically a crowd I fit in with.

Stuff like the cupcake craze (which is delicious- but also ridiculous)
And big fat glasses which used to be dorky (which is only ridiculous - but also cool)
And Downton Abbey (which I may never understand)
And vampire obsessions (which I KNOW I'll never understand)
And that one song that I love to listen to but hate to admit I like

But every now and then, there is something (or someone) I really really love. And it doesn't matter that 9,000 meme's show up in my Instagram feed or that everybody who's anybody loves him too. Because when he speaks he does it directly to my soul and almost always brings me to tears.

Today he did it again. And although I know it's as trendy to love Elder Holland as it was to quote "this really awesome story" from President Monson, I can't help it. He's just so dang lovable. Aren't they all?

Three cheers for this man who dared to disclose personal information and did so beautifully. I love him the most. And all the others the most too.


  1. I cheered when he spoke. Mental illness is a reality for our family, and I'm so grateful for leaders who compassionately address the subject. Elder Holland is the best.


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