Friday, March 30, 2012

St. George: Swimming

The first day we got to St. George it was a bit cool for outdoor swimming with an infant. So we dressed up the boys, dragged them across the rainy parking log (barefooted) and threw them in the pool.

Then I remembered that this is John's first time swimming and got out to take some pictures of my adorable swimming boys.

John loved it - sat around in the floaty thing all day long.

Meanwhile, Tommy went "swimmeeen! swimeeen! in the swimeen pool!"

For real.

We got this new floaty/life jacket thing and once Josh pried Tommy off his shoulder, Tommy was kicking and kicking like a maniac. All over the pool, back and forth more times than I can count. It was AWESOME.

And now I'm fairly confident that I can take both boys to the pool all by myself this summer.

Because really, Josh isn't doing anything in this picture. So you know, 1 second, an hour at the pool. That's the same.

And obviously Johnny doesn't mind the swim gear.

Plus it was only better when we were outside. (Minus the part where John screamed and wouldn't stop because (I think) the chemical in the pool was so strong.)

It's gonna be a great summer.

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  1. Fun! I'm jealous that you will be able to take your boys to the pool alone! I'm fairly certain if I did that one of us wouldn't survive.
    What hotel did you stay at? It looks a lot like coral hills.


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